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Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside....

....You need a sweater dress to keep you warm and brighten up the dreary day.  Look, Mabel...we have the perfect one for someone who is feeling cold and dreary.

Millie...I'll give the details of this gorgeous find.

This retro orange-red sweater dress is from the Tall-Over 5'7" Shop, A Lane Bryant Division (according to the label.)

Measurements: Length from top of back to bottom of hem- 50 inches
Width at hem-21 inches 
Width under arms- 21 inches
Length of sleeves-23 inches
NOTE:  There is no size label in the dress, but the model is approximately a size 8.

12 golden buttons keep you buttoned up from top to bottom and end before the wide (6 inch) hem.

The dress has a deep V-neck.

You know Millie, I have a perfect suggestion for how to wear this dress.
So do I Mabel....you could wear it with a black turtle neck, black leggings, unbuttoned and add a glitzy gold belt.
I was thinking it could be worn open with some dark jeans, knee-high boots (with heels, of course) and a frilly white blouse.
Or it could be worn with the sleeves rolled up, some flats and something frilly peaking out from the bottom.
We could go on and on...let your imagination help you decide how to wear this dress.
And by the way....This dress is ONLY $15...Shipping Included.

Ta-ta ....
Come back soon....

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